FABRIEK loves traveling, looking for updates, meeting different cultures and sharing all these moments live.

There are some happenings during the year that we are always eager to attend and that one is the Paris Fashion Week.

Leaving Genoa for some weeks we go there to catch up with some good old friends looking forward for the next season. In these days we leave in the future capturing all inspirations for the next year to come. There are some brand 'though that really make us dream of some old good times.


Leaving the present throughout the past. 


Levis send us there for a while. Assisting the best moment of our Parisian Fashion week, meeting the most important buyers in Europe and having the chance to enjoy the history of denim and his legend.

There were the story began in San Francisco now many new projects, taken mainly by young stylest, are about to start.

Over all Main Craft rapresent the unlimited commitment of Levis on all that concerns past, present and future challenges.

Check out what we've been selecting in our autumn collection by now we'll keep you posted on the new ones to come!!!



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