BETON CIRE - How to fit your head for a hat

It all starts from the “Miki Breton” hat which comes from the sailor’s tradition of the North of France.
Beton Cire, an originally “Made in France” new brand, revisits this very special item playing with his symbolic meaning and especially with its playful fit.

Beton Cire is a unisex hat perfectly suiting casual and less casual outfits with a timeless flavour.
Made by originally French hat-maker artisans, this very first Beton Cire’s collection has been converted in different denim colors and characterized by a leather lace placed at the back of the hat to adjust its fit.

Thanks to its minimal shape, this garment, designed to become the icon of Beton Cire’s new brand, is great for anyone to create his very own style by wearing it in many different ways.
No matter which occasion will see you wearing this hat, you can just be sure that no one around will have any doubts about your chic-frenchy look. Enjoy!

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