TRACKING THROUGH FASHION – Summer Collection 2015

As Paul Thomas Anderson used to track-shot in his film through different  fantastic realities, we’d like to think about our very personal fashion style as a unique building and enchanting experience through other experience themselves.
We walk along with our best partner to find every time a new story to tell and a new cosy place to adapt to our Photo Shootings. 
For this reason we end up looking for a reliable location in Milan which at the same time could give us back some of our Nordic origin in a “less is more” kind of way to represent our job.
Looking for a cosy  but at the same time ice-minimal place we finally check on Airbnb jumping immediately in the perfect place.
 Some taste of our beloved Nordic Lands right there in the center of Milan.
During an entire day Simone Lezzi behind his digital photo-camera and Mario Bertieri from Wien right behind his analogic camera, portray the research through our Summer collection 2015 together with a very special danish model: Katinka
Ice-cold and warmly-distant each glance reflects in the best way possible our idea of style.
Henrik VibskovSecond Female and Marios some of the most representative brands we choose.
Easy to wear, graceful, abstract and conceptual this new Summer 2015 Collection opens the door to every shape and sound.  Let yours be part of it.















model: KATINKA
clothing FABRIEK






SIMONA dress the RED coming soon..

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