501® LEVIS: Digging in the archives

As a result of our accurate visit in Paris last year (link http://bit.ly/1j0Jm0C), we feel proud to welcome some very special selection of Original Levi’s models at Fabriek Studio.


Digging in their own unique archives, Levis has redesigned accurately some of his original past models.


In this particular case going all the way back to the 50’s, this very rare model has been inspired by the after second world war period.


During that specific moment in fact, Levis was obliged to introduce some restrictions a cause of the lack of textile.


In order not to loose the Arcuate Seam, one of the most exemplifying mark of the brand, the “sign” would be reproduced in sketch on the back pocket.


Heigh waisted with his peculiar aside inserts, they come with the original leather-two-red-horses label.

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