The Five O'Clock Leg Alignment AW17
Listen up!
In the twisted and surreal set-up of Vibskov, deformed yogis are aligned to perform series of synchronized movements in a controlled rusty red temple. This area - between the balanced and unbalanced - is where The Five O'Clock Leg Alignment is set to happen. The Mindd is filled with noise in today's fast paced and hectic world where people spend time and effort concentrating  on the surface demands.
Harmony in the mind and body is the key to ultimate wellness and happiness. Exercises are expression of play which allow people to go beyond imagination through direct physical activity.
Future project
World première on the Madame Butterfly at Lamonaaie, Belgium 31st of January 2017
Paris premiere of the Swanlake at Thèâtre des Champ Elysées, 20th of Marts 2017
Curator for the Danish Pavilion at MINDCRAFT exhibition 2017 in Salone del Mobile in Milan, 4th of April 2017
Exhibition at the MAD museum, New York City 27th April, 2017
Solo exhibition at Maison of Denmark, Paris, 11th of May, 2017
Japan exhibition at the 21 Century museum, Autumn of 2017

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  • Jhett

    Great tutorial, and the one that convinced me it was time to become a Citizen Member!I do have a question if anyone knows… I’m using GIMP rather than Photoshop, and I cou;7n&#821dlt work out how to paste the specular map into the Alpha Channel of the texture. So when I import to Unity, the specular isn’t right. Just about everything else was fairly similar in GIMP to Photoshop, but I got stuck on this one.

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