A couple of danish  designer invented the DANSKO clogs  and then they transfered to United State of America to make them perfect.
The comfortable of DANSKO is incredible.  They realized that a simple pair of clogs would not only change their lives, but that of everyone who might wear them. So, believing that when you have something great you share it, they gave pairs to friends. Then their friends told their friends. And just like that, a comfort legend was born..
..from a little shop in Copenhagen to worldwide!


They settled their 100% green factory in Pennsylvania against the fake factory and the pollution!




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  • Jenn

    Ik moet MRR gelijk geven ookal zie ik Martine graag terug komen.Maar komop we kennen allemaal de Nesdlranede media. Geloof je nou serieus als zo iemand weer erin zit dat onopgemerkt blijft?

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