MARIOS contemporary made in italy

A brand for contemporaries and modernettes all made in Italy.

































 Marios was started in 2001 in Japan by Mayo Loizou and Leszek Chmielewski. The duo wanted the brand to focus on contemporary, unisex and convertible garments. Later on they re-situated to Milan, Italy, where they continue to make the collection to this day. The visual identity of Marios is shaped by the multicultural background of the designers but also that Marios constantly collaborates internationally with artists and designers for their collection. Today all of Marios’ garments are made in Italy to the highest standards and using only Italian and Japanese materials.









Some styles from instagram

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  • Tailynn

    Blir lika glad i hjärtat varenda gÃ¥ng kunderna lägger streckkoden uppÃ¥t när jag jobbar.. Det gör min dag lite, de där sm¥eergjÃrna!

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