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Into the show of Henrik Vibskov. We & were in Copenhagen last fashion week, we met and talk about the power of the instant communication and our thought about the importance of being a collective. We'd like to share with you our point of view about the fashion show after a few weeks. During the last Henrik Vibskov show, a performer fell asleep on stage for a few minutes while the performance took place. Probably a nap was needed but this is what inspired the design team to look into sleeping from different angles. What happens to us when we sleep or don't sleep? What positions are we lying in when sleeping? Full-length, facing downwards, curled up or on...

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GYPSET WOMAN: Can you feel the goodvibes mood?

Although being a Gypsetters doesn’t really means that you would be able to "buy sunshine" as Alexis Petridis quoted in one of his last article on The Guardian, you'd better embrace the goodvibes mood as well as being keen for more exotic destinations to follow this trend.   Loving the ease and nomadic style of the gypsies combined with the sophistication and global reference of the jet set, Gypsetters are a kind of “freak folk” whose origins come from the 70’s but have melted with the nowadays trends in fashion and lifestyle.   Free-spiritidness, unconventionalism and glamour are some of the key words of this style and although a quite evident wealthy life style will be undeniable, ostentation is considered ordinary and...

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freschezza, forme, volumi.... Fabriek presenta 'pétra' la capsule collection di Deux Dans Umi, un giovane marchio italiano appena approdato in negozio, firmato dalla designer Giulia Gaboardi.L'allestimento e i suoni proposti durante la serata cercheranno di raccontarvi come nascono le forme in 3D di pétra, alcuni elementi di ispirazione provengono dal litorale genovese..Vi aspettiamo a partire dalle 19.30 con il dj set a cura di RandomPlay e free drinks

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