Born into the profession, Elia Maurizi spent his childhood playing in the manufacturing baskets of shoes in his father's factory. From a young age footwear was his passion. After having studied shoe design and a few years of internship in the family business, Elia decided to launch a collection under his own name, full of irony and fun.
Innovation, linearity, freshness and a sense of humour are the distinctive features of his designs that always include a touch of eclectic experimentalism.
A love of tradition is the starting point of all his collection, and the quality product and craftsmanship is a true representation of the famous Marche region, especially his city, Civitanova Marche.
Try to pick up a pair of Elia Maurizi and you will feel you place them in a glass case, because they are paramount shoes, full of attentions about details and high quality fabrics.
elia maurizi
elia maurizi
Elia makes FABRIEK one of most important webshop in the world to sell his creations, we're proud and thanksfull about it.
elia maurizi
FABRIEK ~ vico san matteo 18r ~ genova

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